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Newsletter SBLP

Core Science Foundation in de newsletter of SBLP

The Dutch professional association SBLP published our survey about online therapy. for the Dutch people: you can read it here.

Nieuwsbrief SBLP juli 2020

Survey Online Core Therapy

Dear Colleagues,

To support each other to adjust to the changing circumstances in the world, we want to ask you questions about how you deal with online therapy and how this effects your work. We close this survey 20 april 2020. Please take some minutes to fill in this survey in Survey Money. Copy this url in your webbrowser:

We will bring the results, so that we can learn form each other.

Thank you, on behalf of the board.

Tanja Konig


We’re proud to present Core Science Foundation!

We’re proud to present Core Science Foundation!

In Brindisi (2016) Gees Boseker presented her research investigating the effects of different types of interventions which addressed specific client complaints. Since then a lot of people have come forward with their own wish to connect science to the Core Energetics practice.

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