What is Core Scien​ce Foundation?

​Our intention is to create a strong relationship between Core Energetics ​and Science

Possible Content

There are a lot of areas in science that can have a valuable contribution to our work.

  • Attachment
  • Psychopathology and diagnosis
  • Neurobiology
  • Anxiety
  • Hormonal processes
  • Scientific research on the effects of CE on mental health
  • Positive psychology
  • Which attitude, knowledge, skills make a therapist a good therapist

Potential Tasks

The Core Science Foundation can perform different tasks:

  • Provide information about relevant scientific research and articles
  • Integrate scientific research and insights into the curriculum of NICE and our work with clients
  • Develop and standardize intake and diagnostic approaches, including scientific and evidence-based ways of collecting data
  • Expand the theoretical framework of Core Energetics
  • Stimulate scientific research on the effects of CE in treating various types of mental illnesses

We need you!

As a board we want to collect contributions of people; coordinate initiatives; choose what must be done first. AND WE NEED YOU all to let it really happen!

If you have ideas, input, information, please mail to info@coresciencefoundation.com.

Of course we also need money. Donations can be deposit here. Every amount counts.

​Our corevalues

Scientific support of Core Energetics techniques gives clarity about the why and when of interventions

Scientific support gives a broader embedding of the models and theory in modern insights and practice

Diagnosis and a scientific approach in thinking about a client and his/her process will allow us to build a respected global brand and therapeutic process

Scientific support stimulates development of models and theory of Core Energetics; to move into the future, connect with future ways to heal people (“what’s next!”)

​​Connecting Core Energetics to Science connects ​Core Energetics to “the outside world of therapy”​​