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What moves you?

What moves you?

Core 5 final paper, Beth Elliott, Institute of Core Energetics New York.

An interesting paper about movement as diagnosis and as process supporting tool. Take your advantage of this!

ABSTRACT: This paper, written in the time of COVID 19, is an overview of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) and its usefulness in Core Energetics practice as an instrument for observation and transformation. An introduction to the overarching concepts of LBMS is provided, with an emphasis on the use of the body’s relationship to Space as an indicator of one’s state of mind. Ten movement experiences are provided as a gift to the Core Energetics community for use in personal movement practice or one-on-one client and group work. Excerpts of personal process concurrent with the writing of this work illuminate the inner thought process of the author. 

What Moves You – Core 5 Final Project Paper – 2021 06 23 for CSF

Ethnic and cultural awareness in Core Energetics

Ethnic and Cultural Awareness in Core Energetics

Zeshan Mustafa is Core Energetic Therapist. Her graduation thesis is about working as a therapist with awareness of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. She herself is South Asian American who was raised Muslim. Her specialisms are intimacy, relationships, and anti-racist advocacy.
Core Energetics needs this perspective more integrated in the work. If you want to order her e-book, you can follow this link.

Paper Pleasure


This post graduate paper (Annick Schuerman, 2018, NICE) is about how we lost our ability to experience pleasure, by losing contact with our essence. However, it is also about how to get this back again.

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Paper Dissociation


In this paper (Marjolein van Belle, 2018, NICE) dissociation is explored, connected to both personal experiences, nowadays theoretical frames and Core Energetics.

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Paper Characterological exploration gay men

Characterological exploration of intimacy and sex in gay men

In this paper (2018, Armand Botha, NICE) the primary character structure of the respondents is identified. The linkages between character structure and sexual preferences are investigated. Each character structure, beginning with the psychopath structure, is explored in detail, outlining significant patterns emergent in the survey data.

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Paper Humor and Playfulness

Humor and Playfulness

A post graduate paper (2015, Tanja Konig, NICE) about the value of humor and playfulness in therapy, Core Energetics and life and how to promote this in your client.

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