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Film en artikel: This might hurt

‘This Might Hurt’…

…is the title of a film about curing chronic pain caused by medically unexplained symptoms like: restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injury (RSI), tinnitus, irritable bowel syndrome. See the trailer of this film:

The film is about a science-based program, the Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy (EAET). EAET sees a relationship between emotions and chronic pain. This program helps patients in 5 steps to unlearn their brains to reduce or even eliminate the chronic pain. One of the steps is doing emotional processing.
The founder and director of this program, Dr. Howard Schubiner from Providence Park Hospital, Southfield, Michigan, USA, did several surveys about the efficacy of EAET. See here this Review: ‘Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy for Chronic Pain: Rationale, Principles and Techniques, Evidence, and Critical’.

Articles International Body Psychotherapy

Candy Jar of information!

Jacquie Carleton, an honored teacher in Core Energetics, started in 1991 with the journal Energy and Consciousness. Since 2001 she published in the USA Body Psychotherapy Journal. Since 2012 she developed in collaboration with the EABP the joint journal Body Psychotherapy.

On the website of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal you will find a wealth of information, it really feels like a candy jar of information. Click on this link and enjoy!


Online Therapy, an article from 2004

Online Therapy, an article from 2004

Rochlen, A. c.s. (2004) Online therapy

If you click on the title of this message, you enter an article. This article reviews the most recent literature addressing the definitions, ethical considerations, and potential strengths and limitations of online therapy. In addition, a framework is provided for how to conceptualize and categorize different aspects of online therapy for research purposes. Relevant studies of both online and face-to-face therapy as well as suggestions for future research are outlined.

© 2004 Wiley Periodicals,

Inc. J Clin Psychol 60: 269–283, 2004.

Results Survey Core Energetics online

Survey Core Energetic Therapy Online

In this survey the Core Science Foundation explored the pro’s and the cons of online therapy in relation to Core Energetics (CE); a body orientated psychotherapeutic approach with specific concepts like Mask, Lower Self and Higher Self. The Corona pandemic and the social (physical) distancing that comes with it, has majorly impacted Core practitioners in their approach, which normally contains elements of physical closeness or physical contact.

Core practitioners were asked to fill out a short questionnaire, that surveyed their findings and experiences with giving online sessions, and they were asked to formulate recommendations based on their experiences. According to the outcome of this survey, Core practitioners manage to move along with the societal measures. They are very willing to keep supporting their clients in this time where all of us must cope with fear, loneliness and the big “not-knowing”. Core practitioners intend to support their clients in accepting feelings, releasing them, helping them staying connected with reality and taking health(y) responsibility.

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Online body oriented therapy

Online body oriented therapy: a presentation

The slides of the presentation of Fernando Aguiar and Thais de Queiroz on the Core Convention Brindisi 2018. Very compatible with our current situation of a pandemie!

Online Therapy – Core Convention 2018