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Survey Core Energetic Therapy Online

In this survey the Core Science Foundation explored the pro’s and the cons of online therapy in relation to Core Energetics (CE); a body orientated psychotherapeutic approach with specific concepts like Mask, Lower Self and Higher Self. The Corona pandemic and the social (physical) distancing that comes with it, has majorly impacted Core practitioners in their approach, which normally contains elements of physical closeness or physical contact.

Core practitioners were asked to fill out a short questionnaire, that surveyed their findings and experiences with giving online sessions, and they were asked to formulate recommendations based on their experiences. According to the outcome of this survey, Core practitioners manage to move along with the societal measures. They are very willing to keep supporting their clients in this time where all of us must cope with fear, loneliness and the big “not-knowing”. Core practitioners intend to support their clients in accepting feelings, releasing them, helping them staying connected with reality and taking health(y) responsibility.

Working online has its restrictions in comparison to live sessions and asks for more creativity, but most practitioners are determined to keep offering sessions online. They value the contact with their clients and want to be available for them in these difficult times.

It’s too early to conclude yet, but maybe our experiences from working online in this Corona era will have an impact that changes our attitude to working online and changes our work (partly) forever.

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