Lecture Lisa Loustaunau

Working with Non-Characterological/Shock Trauma from a Core Energetics Perspectiv

A lecture from Lisa Loustaunau

Trauma takes many forms. Educator and Core Energetics Somatic Practitioner, Lisa Loustaunau, focuses on the elements of non-characterological or shock-trauma, a trauma that overlays and distorts an already formed personality, distinguishing it from childhood trauma that occurs while the child’s body and personality are still in formation. Techniques are presented that support the energy system to increase emotional and energetic resilience and expand the individual’s capacity for pleasure in living are explained. This video features explanatory segments combined with slides and brief video clips from feature movies that show trauma symptoms in movie characters and is intended for educational purposes.

You can see the lecture here.

Ethnic and cultural awareness in Core Energetics

Ethnic and Cultural Awareness in Core Energetics

Zeshan Mustafa is Core Energetic Therapist. Her graduation thesis is about working as a therapist with awareness of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. She herself is South Asian American who was raised Muslim. Her specialisms are intimacy, relationships, and anti-racist advocacy.
Core Energetics needs this perspective more integrated in the work. If you want to order her e-book, you can follow this link.

Articles International Body Psychotherapy

Candy Jar of information!

Jacquie Carleton, an honored teacher in Core Energetics, started in 1991 with the journal Energy and Consciousness. Since 2001 she published in the USA Body Psychotherapy Journal. Since 2012 she developed in collaboration with the EABP the joint journal Body Psychotherapy.

On the website of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal you will find a wealth of information, it really feels like a candy jar of information. Click on this link and enjoy!


Movie Infinite Potential

Infinite Potential

This is a documentary about the life and work of David Bohm.

When we think about quantum theory we open ourselves for the unthinkable, the infinite expansion of reality.

The question this physicist is trying to explore is “what is reality”. You will be taken on a journey of  the impossible collaboration with the Newtonian physicists into the most subtle force of quantum potential. Quantum potential are particles that exists everywhere in the universe and are interconnected.

Through the life and work of David Bohm you learn about the importance of quantum theory for our work and life.

When we think of our work and look back into history, we see that Freud’s ego theory about the drives, how the forces of id upon the ego gave pressure, was in fact a Newtonian way to explain the mind. When we see the mind as an emerging property regulating the flow of energy and information, than in fact quantum rules may apply. One of those aspects in our life is: probability rather than certainty, impermanence rather than permanency, mortality rather than immortality.

A quantum way of living, thinking and working can help us to expand and stretch our mind to embrace the unknown and the infinite potential and possibility to connect.

Enjoy this documentary by clicking here!


Reletional implicit

Relational Implicit (formerly known as Somatic Perspectives)

The website & podcast formerly known as Somatic Perspectives is now called Relational Implicit. They explore somatic psychology, relational therapies, mindfulness, and trauma therapies. Most of this exploration takes the form of conversations with psychotherapists, occasionally researchers. Stimulating ideas are discussed, as well as clinical examples. The style of the conversations is reflective, to slow down and deepen the process. Many of the conversations are available in video as well as audio. See menu for a list of conversations, chronological and alphabetical.

A specific section is around Core Energetics.

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Newsletter SBLP

Core Science Foundation in de newsletter of SBLP

The Dutch professional association SBLP published our survey about online therapy. for the Dutch people: you can read it here.

Nieuwsbrief SBLP juli 2020