Podcast: Why I Listen

Why I Listen

Podcast: Why I Listen

Zelino Modesto, student from NICE, Dutch school for Core Energetic Therapists, made interesting podcasts. In Why I listen, he interviews different guests about the concept and qualities of listening. What happens in us when we truly listen and what makes us feel listened to. What is good listening? With the help of various guests connected to therapy, arts, teaching, communication, etc. he explores different perspectives and levels of listening. How do we listen deeply? How do we listen to ourselves and oters? Which part of us is listening in a given circumstance? With his guests he dives into the secrets of communication and relationship and gain more insight on this beautiful quality.

three podcasts are of most interest for us:

S1 E1 – Extraordinary Space with Nuno Salema
S1 E3 – I Sense You with Gees Boseker (of course!!! :))
S1 E10 – Inner Callings with José Abreu

Listen to the podcasts on Spotify.

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