Book Neuroscience of Somatic psychotherapy

Book Neuroscience of Somatic psychotherapy

New in Town!

There is a new book in town called ‘Neuroscience of Somatic Psychotherapy’, written by Gees Boseker.

The discovery of the brain as a social organ is of particular value to to somatic psychotherapies. The brain’s constant relational and environmental interactions are deeply rooted in bodily processess. The brain is not only skull encased but it’s skull based with the extended nervous system throughout the entire body. It is a whole-body brain! In this book we will investigate the principles of vertical integration, top-down and bottom-up lamina 1 flow in the body, and the key idea of why working with the body is crucial to achieve body awareness, wholeness, integration, love and core qualities.

Order now and read all about the whole-body brain. Costs € 17,50

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